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Sunny with a High of 75

Okay so it hasn’t been 75 degrees here in New York but this past week has had some beautiful sunny days. One day my roommate, one of our flatmates, and I went for a picnic in a park right across from the Manhattan skyline. 

My schedule has been so busy and God has been so good. Dinner with Yeshi was good and I got to meet some of her Tibetan friends for the first time. Her friends have invited me to hang with them and even though I haven’t had time to go yet, I am excited about getting together with them in the future. 
I also have new students. The older lady comes for private tutoring for conversational English and through this I have been able to share quite a bit with her. She has been reading Bible stories in English and Tibetan so please pray that she would continue to ask questions. My other student is extremely young but surprisingly well educated. She can read in Tibetan (which is rare with people her age) and she has passed some kind of nursing exam. She is reading the stories as well and I am looking forward to getting to share with her more. 
I still continue my relationship with my restaurant friends and the waitress’ four year old daughter and I are becoming very good friends. They are telling their friends about the center and through them we are having more Tibetan students. Please pray that I would have opportunities to share with my restaurant friends. 
Even though it isn’t 75 degrees in the city just yet, there are plenty of people and places that God puts in our path that make the chilly days better.