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Easter Sunday!

First off I would like to start by saying sorry for my negligent writing habits of the past few weeks. I could say that I have been super busy (which I have) but honestly there is no excuse.
  About three weeks ago I had the pleasure of leading a high school team. For those of you who know me well know that youth aged are not really my thing but God is constantly giving us examples of how faithful He is. The team was great and I had a fabulous time with them. I was able to take them to visit my restaurant friends and they were able not only to bless my friends but the kids got great exposure to Tibetans for the first time and they loved it.
   The past two weeks I have been focusing on getting my application for my two year overseas term finished. I was finally able to get access to the rest of the application by getting down to an acceptable weight. For those who have been praying for that, Thank you!!!! So much! Still keep praying since I have to lose a little more before I finally turn everything but I have already come so far and thank all of you who knew and were praying.
   My teaching schedule seems to get busier all the time and I have had some wonderful opportunities. I have one student I teach on Tuesday mornings and the only thing we talk about is different Bible stories. She has heard the story of Jesus in a different class but on top of that she is learning about people such as Moses and Daniel. To see her understand Biblical truths and also say how great God is has brought my heart such joy and I long for the day when I can write that she has become a dear sister. Please continue to pray for her.
   My newest student is a younger girl who has just gotten here recently. She and I have already established a good relationship and in true Tibetan fashion she is loving and very affectionate. I am praying for an opportunity to share with her.
   Yeshi and I still see each often especially since we started teaching night classes together. As Easter drew near, I was hoping for an open door and a today after spending the day just hanging out with her, God gave me the courage to ask her church with me tomorrow. She didn’t say for sure she would go but I am praying that I will get a call tomorrow telling me she wants to accompany me. Please pray for continued opportunities with her.

Me and my newest student! Isn’t she precious?

me and Yeshi :)

I am so excited to celebrate Easter tomorrow!!!! I hope you all have a Blessed Easter! For He is Risen and to Him be the Glory forever!