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Fun times with friends and family

So I try to write every two weeks and at the latest 2 week mark, I was so busy preparing to fly home that I completely forgot to do a ministry update before I left.
I continue to have opportunities to share with Kelsi, my student. She is asking a lot of questions and is fun to see here when she finally understands something from the Bible. I also have a new friend. She is not Tibetan but rather from Nepal. Our friends in Nepal called me a few weeks ago and told me their house helper was going to be moving to New York. My friend was excited because she has shared a lot with this Nepali girl and knew that I was going to be close so I could connect with her. I have met the Nepali and am excited to develop a friendship with her.
My restaurant friends are good but they are very busy. My relationship with them continues to grow and I was able to give them a Jesus film a few days before I went home. Please pray that they will have watched and have questions by the next time I talk to them.
 During those two weeks, my roommate’s mother was here so we had a great time with her. She kept us busy with sightseeing during the day and then making upgrades on our apartment at night. The weekend she was here I was able to go to the Statue of Liberty with her and my roommate. Despite my earlier hesitations, I am glad God chose to bless me with a roommate.

These past two weeks, I have spent time at home. Being able to fly home and spend time with my family was wonderful and a break that I definitely needed. The time was bittersweet considering my brother and I were there to say goodbye to everything.
My prayer requests for this month are for me to get over jet lag as quickly as possible and get back in the swing of things. Our summer here is starting off with a bang and this next week we have three teams in. I am only helping on of the days since I just got back but this is a pretty good indication of what the rest of the summer looks like for me. Also pray that as busy as the summer gets with teams coming in, I will also continue to invest in the relationships with my Tibetans. My last prayer request is for my continued weight loss. As many of you know, I have a applied for a 2-term overseas and while my application has been accepted, I am still not at the weight they need me to be. Once I reach my goal weight, I then will have to undergo a 3 month maintenance period where they will make sure my weight does not go back up. This puts me back another three months but despite the delay, I am excited about what the Father is going to do. Thank you for all your prayers and sorry for the long update.