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The Fireworks of Everyday Celebrations

Day at the Beach!

The past few weeks have been one celebration after another. For our country we celebrated our day of freedom and I was able to be a part of New York’s traditional firework celebration after a beautiful day at the beach.
In ministry in came in many ways. First, one of my students who had moved and not only didn’t tell me but also left me no contact information, dropped by the center. She was in the city with her friend and said she has missed me so much she had to come see me. We now have a volunteer at the South Asia Center that has a heart for Tibetans and she lives quite close to this student. I was so excited not only to see her again but to be able to connect her with my friend. It was such an answer to prayer. Another answer to prayer is that even though I have not been able to met with Kelsi on Tuesday, when we have our class wide Bible story lessons she has been sharing the stories with our new Tibetan lady in their own dialect. It is so cool to be able to see her not only understand the stories but also share them with others. I was also able to tell my friends at the restaurant that I would be praying for her sister who had been in the hospital. I praise God for all the opportunities that God is giving me and my interns to serve and minister the Tibetans of New York City.

the daughter of my restaurant couple
our new Tibetan student

My own personal victory, I know most of you know about my struggle to loss weight. This past week I was able to achieve the needed amount of weight loss in order to finish my application to go overseas! Since August, I have lost 80 pounds and it is such a God thing. I cannot tell you all how thankful I am for your prayers.

As this month this progress, please pray for continued opportunities with Tibetans for me and my interns. Also, please pray for my continued weight loss. I have to maintain it for 3 months. I know this is possible but I am so close and I don’t want to slip now.