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In an effort to glorify God by taking the gospel to the nations, we have established a workable strategy to guide our Great Commission Leadership Team as well as our individual mission teams. As is true with any man-made document, this one will constantly be under review and revision However; the guiding Biblical principles that are the foundation of all our mission endeavors will never change. As we seek to clarify our calling, may we never lose sight of our greatest honor –┬áto glorify Christ in all things!

Guiding Principles

  1. God’s glory will be the motive and goal in all we do.
  2. God’s Word will be our infallible guide, we will never knowingly do anything that contradicts or calls into question God’s Word.
  3. We will never knowingly compromise the gospel; the gospel can be summarized as Salvation by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone.
  4. We will intentionally seek to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of our members and the people with whom we work, by building cross-cultural relationship with the indigenous people for the purpose of making disciples.
  5. We will target areas where people have little or no access to the gospel.
  6. We will partner with individuals and /or churches that are spiritually mature and share our convictions, passion, and strategy.
  7. We will develop an end vision for each partnership in cooperation with our partners.
  8. We will develop our end vision based on what we believe God wants to accomplish in a specific area. The end vision is determined by asking “What does God want to do through us here?”
  9. We will work from an end vision to develop a working strategy and that will guide our specific plans for each effort. The question is “What is it going to take?”, not “What can we do?”
  10. Teams will be built based on the specific purpose/plans for each particular effort.
  11. We will purposely seek God in prayer at each step, setting aside specific times for prayer.
  12. We will seek to partner with First Baptist members as they minister in various parts of the world.


We will seek to follow Christ as He leads into areas of His world where we can carry the gospel for the purpose of planting churches and strengthening existing churches.

Church Planting

Church planting consists of assisting in the beginning of new churches in areas where there is little or no accessibility to the gospel.

We will seek to develop Reproducing, Indigenous, Non-dependent (RIN) fellowships.

  • By reproducing, we mean church that are actively seeking to reach unbelievers in their community and plant churches.
  • Indigenous churches are led and populated by the native people who live and are part of the culture of the community in which the church is located.
  • Non-dependent churches are self-sustaining congregations that exist and flourish without external aid.
  • Finally, a church is a group of born-again believers who gather for the purpose of observing the ordinances (baptism and the Lord’s Supper), preaching the gospel, and practicing church discipline.

Church Strengthening

In church strengthening, we will work with existing congregations to help them become a healthy RIN congregation. The end goal of all church strengthening with be church planting.