7706 Ewing Rd, Powell, TN 37849 10:30am & 6:00pm


What are the membership requirements?

  • A born-again Christian
  • Called by God as a worship leader.
  • Must be an adult member (18 or older) of First Baptist Church of Powell (If you have attended “First Step” to start your membership process, you are eligible to join the choir ministry.) Please contact the Worship Pastor concerning any other membership concerns.
  • Attend Wednesday or Sunday rehearsals and participate fully in the choir ministry.
  • Be faithful and be filled with the Holy Spirit to experience His power in leading worship.
  • Must have a heart attitude of worship. (No music-reading or experience required.)

How often should I plan to attend rehearsals?

  • Members are expected to attend rehearsals and sing in the Sunday morning worship service as well as any evening services when the adult choir leads.
  • Absence from four consecutive weekly rehearsals will result in a member being removed from the active roll, unless a Leave of Absence letter has been submitted and/or the Music Pastor has been notified.
  • Leave of Absence is based on the following reasons: hospitalization, maternity, serious illness, required work and required schooling.
  • Excused absences such as work-related situations, family illnesses, non-residency and vacations are granted. When in church on Sundays, be in choir.
  • Mission trip meetings are not considered excused absences.
  • When absent, please notify the music staff by email or phone call. This gives us an opportunity to pray for you.

When do we rehearse?

  • Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 6:15-8:00 p.m.
  • Special rehearsals are scheduled as necessary.

What are choir dress code requirements?

  • Guidelines are as follows: for ladies – no shoulders, no knees and no low cut blouses of any type; for men – no shorts, no logos.

How often will you need to sing as a choir member?

  • Sing in the morning worship service.
  • Sing in one or two Sunday night services a month.
  • Additional ministry opportunities may include special presentations such as Missions, Christmas, Easter and other events. As opportunities arise, the choir will participate in other presentations consistent with its worship leading mission.

What other expectations are there?

  • A positive, servant-hearted attitude is essential for an effective worship leading ministry. Questions are encouraged. Input is great and will be studied, but any kind of critical spirit is not acceptable. Minimize personal conversations during rehearsal. Our schedule is filled with music, devotion and prayer.
  • Guard your heart against jealousy and pride. There are a number of enormously gifted people in our choir. The Lord will rise up whom He will, when He will. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for your Worship Pastor as he strives to make right choices and to provide opportunities for ministry.
  • Be on time for EVERYTHING! Punctuality is a must.
  • Cultivate a sense of expectancy about our ministry. Your have a unique part so be ready and open to grow and learn. Give God the glory for the results, which will be reflected throughout Eternity.
  • Prayer is an important part of our rehearsal. Please complete a prayer request card and lay it on the Worship Pastor’s music stand at the beginning of the rehearsal. We reserve time for prayer concerning you and members of your immediate family. For all other prayer requests, we recommend that you contact our 24-hour Prayer Ministry or call the church office during business hours. Prayer requests of any nature are always accepted via e-mail.

Is there childcare available?

  • Childcare will be provided for Worship Ministry rehearsals held in conjunction with regularly scheduled church-wide activities. (for example:Wednesday evenings) All other rehearsals will need to have childcare arranged and will be done based on your reservations for childcare. This will be published in your weekly emails with plenty of time to call and reserve a place for your child.
  • Childcare workers are on-site and have passed a background check.